Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Audiophysical "Shellac EP"

Audiophysical "Shellac EP" by Hiperbole Records

Multi-Instrumentalist and producer André Lamb a.k.a. Audiophysical presents his first ever solo release, on Hiperbole Records.
Already known as one half of the Madball Scientists, the New Zealand-born talent delivers a wonderful collection of musical gems
with his five track Shellac EP.
Audiophysical is a traveller in time, space and mind, fusing genres like Blues, Jazz, Funk and Folk into a flawless combination of
sounds taling the listener into uncharted territories, pouring his mind into these beautiful musical vibes.
The deep and spaced out opener “Amanecer” brings hypnotically heavy drums, and is instantly catchy, while “Navigating The
Obscurity” sounds like a journey through a wonderful lost world. The track “Where The River Sleeps” sounds like a hidden place,
a place where the river hides from the world.
Lamb is currently working on his full length debut album to be released in 2012.

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